You need a Guide…

Every journey has a starting point. Every journey requires exploration and has hidden challenges. Every journey needs a Guide.

You want a home that’s all about you, your family, and your lifestyle. But you don’t know where to start. You need a guide!

Your project is a journey towards your dreams and achieve your goals. There will be hurdles along the way. Budgets, schedules, and decisions are part of the reality of realizing your dreams. Mapping out a clear path over those hurdles can reduce the stress and pain of those realities.

We have a simple 4-step process to guide you from Here to Your Dreams. Every project is different; these are the steps that ensure you make the most of your journey. But beware! Veering off the path could lead you to unexpected and painful consequences down the road.


You have a dream. That dream is a project. It could be a new home, a renovation, or an addition… You need to get prepared for this journey by cataloging those dreams. Document things that you love and things that you loathe. Understanding what you do and do not like are crucial.

Start thinking about priorities. What are things you Want and what falls under the “Must Have” category? Do you need three bathrooms or two and a half? What appliances do you need or want in your kitchen? Do you want a space to gather outdoors with your friends? Is it covered? Is it screened? Take an inventory of what needs to be different for you after the project is completed. The more information you gather before you start your journey the better.


You’ve been dreaming of, and preparing for this project for a long time now, but it will not become a reality until you share it with someone else. Let’s talk about it. An architect is a guide who’s ready and trained to help. As wee discuss your dream, we’ll explore all those things you love and loathe, and your Must Have’s. Just like every journey has a starting point, every journey has a goal in mind. Let’s establish your project goals before the journey begins. Let’s define what would make this journey successful, so we know which path to take.


How do you turn your dream into reality? Designing is the fun and exciting part of the journey. It’s where we take everything you’ve dreamed about, everything we’ve talked about and shape it into a plan that meets to become a home… your home.

While it’s the most fun part of the journey, it’s also the most important part of the journey. We’ll walk together to make sure you’re headed in the right direction and we’re creating ans experience that’s all about you and your dreams.


Your home should be about your dreams. We hope that you would want to live here forever, maybe even pass it on through generations of you family.

to turn those dreams into reality, your builder needs to understand the story and be invited into your journey. The drawings and specifications we use to communicate that story, those dreams and all the desires and details that go into them are critical. If we don’t help him understand where your journey began and why you’re heading int the direction you’re going, you may veer off course of your dreams.

Never fear though, as your guide we’re here to walk with you from the minute you’re ready to reveal your dream to the day your dreams come true.